Why are we any different?

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  • If trading isn’t for you, we’ll say it, but more importantly, for those who really want to pursue trading, we’ll guide you along the path providing the best possible mentoring you can receive.

  • Nick’s trading ideas, tips and market updates are sent instantly to your phone.

  • You can get our services for free through our partner broker or subscribe for a monthly fee. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime

Our services

'Bringing the trading desk to you'

Access to a members only telegram group (like WhatsApp) with Nick Leeson, where you will receive his live trades, daily market updates and more.

Copy the Rogue if you dare, or just follow along and learn how Nick Leeson’s trading brain works.

(You can subscribe to this service in our shop or get it for free for 1 month when you set up your own trading account with our partner broker; AVA Trade)

If you’re getting serious about your trading then you can subscribe to our second telegram group, This is a private group with just you and Nick where you can ask him questions about his trades and market thoughts or even ask him for help with your own trading ideas.

Head on over to our shop to see our full range of signed merchandise, Including replica signed Barings trading jackets or your very own signed and personalised copy of the infamous book ‘Rogue Trader’.