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What is ‘Live trading ideas & market commentary from Nick Leeson’?

Nick is providing a window into how he trades his own money on a daily basis. He is doing this through a Telegram channel where he instantly posts details of the trades he is opening and closing.

You can copy along with his trades in real time.

Nick will also post daily updates on how he is analysing the markets and deciding on his trades. You will get an amazing insight into how Nick’s trading brain works and how he sees the financial world.

You also get exclusive access to a live webinars by Nick every Friday afternoon, where you can ask him questions as he is live on camera.

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How does it work?

In order to get the live feed for free for 1 month you need to set up your own trading account with our partner broker; AVA Trade. It’s your own standard regulated trading account with your own money.

AVA Trade are a fully compliant ESMA broker and are EU regulated

Once you fill out the form above you will receive instructions on how to set up the correct account with AVA Trade to avail of the offer.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free, online messaging service and app much like the popular WhatsApp app, however it focuses on speed, security and privacy. You can find out more HERE

How do i continue after the 30 days free trial?

You will receive an email on how to continue with a subscription of €99 per month, this is totally optional and there is no commitment.